Energy Healing Packages
These packages are designed to help you Recharge, as well as restore your inner Balance, Harmony and Tranquility.
In each package you’ll see a focus on increasing the flow of positive energy. Clearing our blockages and restoring your natural connection.

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Reiki, Aura & Chakra Energy Healing, Psychic Readings

Energy Sessions

Tarot Reading...$70
Reiki Session...$95
Aura & Chakra Healing...$110
Psychic Clairvoyant Reading...$135
Spirit Rescue...$135
Divine Navigation..60 min $95 or 90 min $135
Private Medium Reading $160
Galactic Healing...$210
Group Medium Reading...$310
House Clearing...$510

Harmony- $655
Harmony Package includes:
Two Reiki Sessions
Two Aura & Chakra Healing Sessions
One Spirit Rescue
One Clairvoyant Reading

Tranquility- $820
Tranquility Package includes:
Three Reiki Sessions
Two Aura & Chakra Healing Sessions
One Clairvoyant Reading
One Galactic Healing Session

Recharge- $195
Recharge Package includes:
One sixty minute Reiki Session
One Aura & Chakra Clearing Session.

Balance- $415
Balance Package includes:
Two Reiki Sessions
One Aura & Chakra Clearing
One Clairvoyant Reading