Energy Healing 

Barbara Pickle

Certified Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant Channel, Angelic Healer, Reiki Master

More about Barbara "Barb" Pickle

     If you were to ask Barb how long she has been a Psychic Medium, she would answer, "Since birth."  Once she started elementary school in the Salem, OR area, Barb realized that her way of experiencing the world was different from most everyone else she met.  Growing up, she would have premonitions about events, "know" that something was off about a person or situation, or hand over something before you could ask for it.  At times those gifts were enjoyable little quirks of a quiet girl.  At age 11, her family moved to southeast Texas.  In her teenage years, Barb experienced situations in the energetic world that helped form her core values and beliefs about energy work and energy healing. She saw how negative energy could affect individuals quickly as well as infect groups.  This ultimately lead to her desire to teach classes on how to cultivate positive energy.  After high school, Barb spent time enlisted in the US Navy.  Her experiences seeing different parts of the world further shaped her energetic abilities and expanded her knowledge of psychic abilities and astral travel.  In 1997, she moved back to the Pacific Northwest, to start life with focus on learning and understand the deeper levels of her abilities.

     Barb completed certifications in Psychic Mediumship, Angelic Healing and Clairvoyant Channel over seven years ago to help provide guidance and connection to the spirit and energetic realm.  She utilizes her skills in clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience during each reading.  

Feel free to contact Barb via email at or by phone at 503-245-0454

     Barbara is a Third Level Reiki Practitioner, aka Reiki Master. Reiki is a Japanese technique that uses Universal Energy to assist in decreasing stress and increasing relaxation. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If your own internal battery is low on energy, it may be easier for you to become ill with the “office cold”. Increasing your internal battery charge helps you maintain your health throughout your long day.

Spiritual Healing & Balancing:
     There are two parts to Spiritual Healing & Balancing. The first is the Chakras; the second is the Aura.  Many times our energetic centers (Chakras) become marred down with the daily routine of our lives. What tends to happen even more often is the muck from those that we love bog us down even further. When these Chakras become too clogged, we begin to see physical manifestations of ailments.
     Our Aura surrounds our body as a multilayered bubble. It extends out about a foot from the tips of our fingers when the arms are spread wide as well as a foot above our head and below our feet. These layers link to and correspond with our Chakras. This allows for dialogue between the outside world and the physical/energetic body beneath our skin. Because the Auras link to the Chakras, they can often become clouded with negative energy or porous from energetic drainage. By routinely clearing and balancing the Auras in combination with our Chakras our own body energy flows more easily thereby making our body less prone to common ailments.

Spirit Rescue:
     When a person suffers severe mental, emotional or physical trauma they often lose a piece of their spirit/soul in the tragedy. Something as small as an argument or as devastating as a natural disaster can cause a soul to leave behind a piece in order to survive the circumstances. When a person’s spirit is fractured in such a way, it may be hard for them to move passed issues in their life that relate to the tragedy that caused the soul to fracture.  
     During a Spirit Rescue, the fractured piece is located in the client’s time line. Then Barbara communicates with the split piece to encourage and reassure that the rest of the client is ready to bring home and incorporate the missing piece back into their soul. Many times the intuitive will find more than a few pieces have been split from the client’s soul. In this case, it may take more than one session to locate and help integrate the pieces with the client.
     Spirit Rescue can be performed remotely or in person. This may be a very quiet session with the hands above or lightly holding the energy centers of the body.

Galactic Healing:
     Galactic Healing takes all of Barbara’s other healing modalities to a larger scale. Countless people “know” they have incarnated on this earthly plain more than a few times. Other clients “know” they have incarnated on other dimensional plains before coming into this life. Due to the nature of life throughout time and space, many clients carry with them, in this life, the wounds of previous lives. Spirit fragments are just as easily left behind in other dimensions as they are in this life. Barbara is able to transcend all directions of space and time to locate the onset of those wounds, redirect the energy to a higher vibration, and bring the client into complete energetic wholeness.  

Psychic Readings

     Psychic Reading, also known as Clairvoyant Readings, offer the opportunity for a client to receive clarity on life situations that may be challenging. Imagine the need to walk down a dark pathway; wouldn’t the beam of a flashlight or even the faint glow of a match make you feel a bit better? Barbara acts as the light, using a combination of communication with Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and the Akashic records to provide insights on the client’s path. This guidance is not set in stone. The client’s free will to choose a path once more information has come to light is the key.  

Mediumship Readings

     Mediums bridge the gap between the spirit world and the physical world. We are the voices for those in spirit, the “go between,” the communicator or translator. We assist those in spirit to provide proof of existence of the eternal – we don’t just die, there is a spiritual existence beyond our physical bodies, and our loved ones are in a better place and still connected to us.  
     Every session is different, unique and beautiful. Through a combination of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and intuition (knowing), Barbara can help you communicate with your loved ones in the spirit world / heaven.
     As a medium, Barbara will connect and communicate with your loved ones to help obtain healing and closure for both of you. When you are able to express what you needed to say to your loved one who has passed your true healing begins. This healing also affects your loved ones, as they may have things to clarify and heal with you. This communication will allow your loved ones the opportunity to assist you in your life. During a session you will be able to find out where they are and what they are doing now. You may be surprised to find out how long they have been trying to communicate with you.