Black Tourmaline -  Prices Vary

​A powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds including psychic protection and EMF protection.

Space Clearing Kits -  15

These Kits include: 1 stick Palo Santo Wood, 2 Reiki Candles, and One Large Chakra Set

Reiki Candles -  2 for 5 / 4 for 10

Reiki Charged candles come in sets of 2. They are 6-8 hour burning time. Let the power of Reiki protect and clear your home or office!

Assorted Crystal Pendants -  Prices Vary

​Each crystal offering its own properties. Come on in, take a look. (Small Bullet Pendants 8, larger 11)

Gift Certificates -  Prices Vary

​Healing Spirit Touch offers you the opportunity to share our services with your friends and family.

Pick, Buy, and Share the love today!

*Paid through our Square Market with an E-Delivery!  

Palo Santo Wood -  5

A tree related to frankincense, myrrh and copal, Palo Santo (“holy wood”) grows in the coastal regions of South America. This sustainably harvested tree has been used in shamanic ceremonies for its cleansing and healing benefits.

*Must be picked up "In House" No Deliveries