Barb Pickle, LMT #11011, Reiki Master, Angelic Healer, Certified Psychic Medium & Channel

Co-owner of Healing Spirit Touch, Barbara "Barb" Pickle has been an Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist since 2004.  Barb’s enthusiasm for holistic healing and therapeutic massage began in massage school while taking several classes on Eastern healing theory and acupressure. Barb's healing talents lie in her ability to sense imbalances in her clients and utilize her vast massage and energy healing tools to encourage the body to heal itself on many levels. 

​                  ​​​Just the Two of Us

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Hannah Heacock, LMT #19485, Reiki II Practitioner, tarot reader

Co-owner,  helped create Healing Spirit Touch as you see it today. Hannah has always felt a special connection with massage.  Hannah patiently works through injury and tension with her unique understanding of the physical and energetic connections in your body by reintroducing each area, muscle by muscle, through slow, deep tissue and myofacial techniques.Her intuition and love for healing allows her to quickly find and effectively relieve your body of pain and stress.