1. Be sure to drink plenty of water.  Most healing sessions, and especially massage, will increase your metabolism and circulation.  Because of this, water is very important in assisting you with removing the increased amounts of waste byproduct created.  Leaving that sitting in your body will only slow down your healing process.

2. Follow your therapists instructions.  You spent an hour or more having a licensed professional work through your aches, pains and stress.  Be kind to yourself.  No one wants to move one step forward then two steps back when dealing with acute or chronic issues.  Here's a list of 'homework' you may need to follow:

  1. Stretch, it really does help.
  2. Ice and/or Heat Instructions: it's important to give your muscles a chance to heal.
  3. Swelling or Edema can happen due to injury, surgery or other conditions, here's what to look for: Instructions
  4. Post Massage Soreness: we call it massage body or massage hangover. 
  5. Keep the benefits going with regular massage.

Taking care of yourself after a massage or other healing session is vitally important.  It allows your body to settle into a new way of being.  Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep the healing process going.

Getting The Most Out of Your Healing Session