What is Massage and why does it help?
Massage is a manipulation of the soft tissues (Muscles). Massage helps in a lot of different ways, the following are just SOME:
                     *Increase in blood and lymph circulation
                     *Lowers stress
                     *Normalizes blood pressure
                     *Lifts mood and self worth
                     *Boost immune system
                     *Promotes healthy sleep patterns

What are your hours of Operation?
Tuesday, Wednesday,  Friday and Saturdays from  12-8pm

How long have you been an LMT?
Barb has been licensed for 15 years
Hannah has been for  7 years

What is the difference between an LMT and a Masseuse?
An LMT has been through training and is licensed. A masseuse is not licensed and usually delves down an inappropriate avenue.

What's the difference between Therapeutic and Swedish massage?
Swedish massage utilizes a combination of long gliding strokes to help the body relax. It is best used for de-stressing, relaxation and general well being. Therapeutic massage, also known as Deep Tissue Massage, is used for folks with stubborn or chronic tension areas. This type of massage gets into the “hurts so good” level of pain tolerance, but is designed for deeper relief of tight muscles.

What Can I do at home ?
Stretching and how much water you drink are probably the easiest and cheapest ways to feel better.
Stretching allows space back into the muscle fibers. Reminding them of what the neutral/natural state is. Muscle are not meant to be constantly contracted/flexed. They need time to relax and heal. Stretching is a light and gentle way to remind your muscles they can relax, go back to neutral and just be. Icing, heating, hot tubs or a hot Epsom salt bath can be just what you need.

Why is drinking water so important?
Our bodies are made up of 70% water. When you sweat and do not replenish what you have lost it can lead to detrimental damage. and no, things that are made with water, i.e. Coffee, hot chocolate, etc. do not count as water. Tea does, only because of the antioxidants that are abundant in teas such as Green or black tea.

What are the differences between HST and other massage based businesses?
First at Healing Spirit Touch, we cater each session to the individual person. Not every person lives the same kind of life. Because of that, Barb and Hannah, take the time to understand the needs of each client. We make sure to have enough time for you that we pad our appointment times to allow for a thorough follow up care discussion. We take it a step further to help find the source of chronic pain and then educate you on the best ways to relieve that pain outside of the massage space.

Second, we believe that healing takes place at three levels: Body, Mind and Spirit. We address the body with massage and work with the Spirit through our energy healing modalities such as Aura & Chakra clearing, Reiki, Spirit Rescue, and Galactic Healing. Our Psychic sessions help you work through areas of your life where you may feel stuck and unable to move forward on your path.

Frequently Asked Questions