​​Healing Spirit Touch

Healing Spirit Touch was created in 2010 with the vision of bringing like minded massage therapists, body workers, energy workers and healers of all walks of life together in one location.  We are a small holistic mom and mom business dedicated to making each client feel and be their very best.  Whether you are looking for a relaxation massage, energy healing or life guidance session, Healing Spirit Touch is here for you.  Our wide range of healing services fit almost all of your needs.  Our goal is to give you exactly what you want and the undivided attention you deserve while guiding you back to health.

Our History

While sub-leasing office space, Barb Pickle, LMT began her dream to create a healing & wellness center for individuals looking for a mind, body, spirit approach to their health and wellness.  She wanted to offer the community a space for healers and clients to be able to gather, to work through physical injuries, mental blockages and energetic imbalances.  Barb continued to nurture that dream, gathering other healers to her until late summer of 2012.

Healing Spirit Touch opened it's doors officially in August 2012.  The small, single treatment room space became the launching point for Barb Pickle. Hannah Heacock had been assisting with the set up and administration of the fledgling company since 2011. She officially joined HST as a massage therapist in November of 2012 immediately after receiving her massage license. 

That December they successfully launched their first Groupon campaign in the Portland area to let the people of the community know their healers were there waiting for them. Over the years we have grown from a single treatment room to the current three. We have grown from one therapist to seven at one point, and have returned to the original two.

Through all of our growth and change Healing Spirit Touch has continued to provide excellent, client centered service with the goal of guiding each client back to their optimal state of health.  Whether you are looking for bodywork or energy work, we are here for you; we look forward to serving you.