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LMT Connections is Back!

Reiki - First Degree Attunement
 Sunday March 2nd, 2014
10am to 4pm 
In this course you will learn the history of the founder of Reiki, understand the theory and practice of Reiki healing sessions, spend time practicing Reiki on other students,  as well as receive your First Degree Reiki Attunement.

This course counts as 6 contact hours for Oregon Licensed Massage Therapists!

 Class space limited to 12.  Please contact Barb Pickle, LMT #11011 by email to reserve your seat!

**With new Rules coming from the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists, everyone renewing licensure after July 1st, 2014 will be required to have 25 hours of Continuing Education.  15 contact hours with 6 of those being specifically in Ethics subjects and the other 10 hours can be contact or non-contact.  Please check back with us, as we are preparing classes to meet the new OBMT requirements.

Energy Education Classes
Third Monday of each month -  7pm to 9pm 
Taught by Barb Pickle

 Classes are $20 
RSVP not necessary but appreciated

3/17/14    Grounding & Connecting
 This class will teach you fundamental techniques to help you ground your energy to the Earth to feel more connected to your life, your family and your purpose.  We will also discuss what to do when you feel overwhelmed by friends, family and work.

4/21/14   Your Auras & Chakras
 This class will explain how to detect, clear and balance the Universal energy that moves through your body's energy field.  Your Auras & Chakras work together to keep you energetically healthy.  Keeping them clean and clear helps your physical body stay healthy as well.

5/19/14   Evening with a Medium
Spend an evening with Medium Barb Pickle as she assists you in communicating with loved ones who have crossed over.

6/16/14   Creating Your Energetic Office
This class will review Grounding & Connecting techniques while teaching you how to set up your own Energetic workspace.  From this Energetic workspace you are able to more deeply connect with your Guides, Gatekeepers and Totems.

7/21/14   Meeting Your Energetic Guides
This class is designed to help you meet your Spirit Guides, Energetic Guides, Gatekeepers and Totems. These energies are what help direct our lives and keep us on our path.

8/18/14   Energetic Self-Defense
In this class you will practice your ability to sense subtle energies that surround us everyday. You will learn how to discern their meaning to you and your life. As well as how to protect yourself from unwanted energetic attacks from other people.

 Contact us by email or phone (503)245-0454 if you have questions!

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